Chiffon Casual Blouse / Skinny jeans / ballet flat 

Tags: styleeleanor calderinspired
Tags: styleeleanor calderinspired

Eleanor wore these items to James Corden’s wedding!

Tags: styleEleanoreleanor calder
7Sep 19th
Anonymous: Are you doing a giveaway right now ?

No. Should I try to do one in the future? xx

1Sep 19th
Anonymous: COME BACK FROM VACATION ALREADY. I'm having withdrawels. xx

I’m back :] xx

Anonymous: your like my go-to for fashon advise lol your amazing :]

Awwww thank you! :] xx

Anonymous: Where are you going in Canada? I live there haahah

Cool! haha And like Niagara Falls and then im going to Toronto for a day. xx

1Sep 12th
Anonymous: This is super random but do you like Rihanna??

Nope, Not at all. haha I can’t stand her.

2Sep 11th
Anonymous: what are els 10 wardrobe essentials??

  1. Collared shirts
  2. Skinny jeans
  3. Moccasins
  4. Necklace with a heart charm
  5. Aviators
  6. Converse
  7. Strappy gold sandals
  8. Ankle boots
  9. Safari style jacket
  10. High waisted shorts
9Sep 9th
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Sep 9th

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